Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catch Up

Sorry I've been so MIA, guys. The beginning of school is always hectic for me. It's going really, really well so far, though. I have most of my kids from last year, which is thrilling because last year was awesome. I wanted to share my newest Donors Choose proposals with you:


And here.

Also, I've signed up with Adopt-a-Classroom, which is pretty cool. It does the same thing as Donors Choose--it sets up teachers with donors--but it provides a little more freedom, plus it doesn't charge the overhead that DC does. My page is here.

Give them a look. If you can't afford to donate, perhaps you can forward the links on to someone who can.

Finally, I found this clip on YouTube today. It's about Ballytobin, where I lived for a year. The clip gives you a pretty decent idea of our lives there. Enjoy!