Friday, June 8, 2007

My Boyfriend Hates Me

No really. True story.

Okay, okay, he hates my bed, but that cuts deep. You see, the boy is a rather tall fellow, and my bed is a full and so he suffers from that curse that plagues boyfriends everywhere: feet dangle. And apparently this hurts his ankles and then his legs and then he can't sleep and then he begins to-- just a little-- hate me.

But gosh, what am I supposed to do? I love my pretty white duvet cover and iron headboard. They did not come cheap, let me tell you. Also, the room is not huge, and someday I will finish repainting my mother's old china cabinet so it's a bureau and I like my nightstands and the old rocking chair in the corner. There's just no space. Really. He claims otherwise but he has ulterior motives.

Cohabitation, however, is something I would like, so I know my loss on this one is inevitable. Just as is my overuse of commas. So I've been looking for duvet covers. I must say, I'm struggling a little. I kind of like the embroidered "ethnic" stuff at West Elm, but I'm not gaga over it.

What is a girl to do?


Emily said...

so, cohabitation, huh?

i also am having issues cause i need a new duvet cover. mine is too girly and i want something a little funkier, a little more "ethnic," and brighter. i've got this vision of orange. i know i won't go there. but i kind of want to.

Casey said...

Orange has always held a certain fascination for me. I fear it, I must admit. I have started incorporating reds and golds, though, so orange can be done in a not-too-tacky way.

And cohabitation is definitely distant, but desired...