Wednesday, April 30, 2008


First, let me say that I hated Bee Season. It did not make me happy. However, the mother was always on a quest for something she called "perfectomundo." This quest led her to break into to strangers' houses and steal truly odd, random things: a lipstick, a teacup, a rubber ball, a piece of brightly colored thread. Eventually, it's discovered that she's packed her loot into a storage facility (and if you see the movie, they do this part really well). And it's beautiful. It's also clear that the bitch is CRAZY.

And though I did not like the book, I loved perfectomundo. It's why I love tchotchkes. So I bring you my own perfectomundo. I take crap pictures, but I'm going to try to make a bit of a series out of this...


Emily said...

i love tchotchkes... i have so many of them but they are not organized like yours since my house is such a fucking disaster. another question... how do you get your succulents to NOT DIE?!

i really like this idea of perfectomundo. i had zero interest in reading that book, so i guess i just got the best part of it right now.

Casey said...

Oh, my succulents definitely died. This is the second batch. These are doing better than the last bunch, though, I think because I leave them in full sun every day.

Bee Season is one of those books I hated, but didn't mind the movie so much because I'm a book snob, not a movie snob.

amber said...

Hey, I wandered to your blog via apartment therapy, because I wanted to know more about the girl who spent 2 hours trying to find a dog hit by a car.

I love you for doing that. Seriously. Your story made me so, so SO happy. Thank you :)