Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Problem Spot.

I have a problem spot in my teeny apartment. It's this weird corner, with the entrance to the kitchen on one side, and the hallway the other. Usually, I like little corners. They are a great place for shelves, cool tables, hanging get the idea. With so many possibilities, why am I at a loss, then? Two words: floor heater. Fourteen more words: weird niche thing near the floor that IS NOT CENTERED and drives me crazy. So, the ugly brown register thing is on the floor, and directly above it a little bit to the left is this niche. Now, I would love to have a niche. If it were in the middle of the wall. And not four inches from the floor. As it is, though, it kind of makes my life hard.

I'd like to just put something over the heater and niche, my grandmother's old trunk or a chair. My apartment is oooooold, though, and I'd likely freeze in my sleep without the heat (that is if the perpetual gas leak from the ancient (but awesome) oven doesn't get me first). I finally put some pictures on the wall above, and am considering putting a console table there. The Hudson, to be exact. But will this look dumb? Or will it draw the eye up, away from the slab of old metal and the strange hole in the wall?

So, I just started this blog, and I know I don't have any readers, but I'd like to invite readers (imagined and future) to share their "problem spots." I'll throw a picture of mine in some day (my camera was broken by an autistic child in Ireland...long story).


Anne said...

So I may be late to the party but I just found your blog and I think the table would be a great way to distract from the weirdness without blocking the heat. The table looks really cute and who looks under tables, really?

Casey said...

Ha, your "who looks under tables, anyway?" logic is exactly what I'm hoping will work in my favor. I still need to measure the table, though. If it doesn't fit exactly into that corner, it won't work...