Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Seemingly Everpresent Accent Wall

Ah, accent walls: how I covet thee. I want a light, light green in my bedroom, and a chocolate-y brown in the living room. There are a few obstacles to the attainment of accent walls, however.

a) My landlord. I think he'd say yes, actually, but he scares me so I never talk to him. Yes, I am fearless indeed.

b) Sloth. I kinda don't feel like it. I'd have to, you know, move stuff. And tape things. And, well, paint. Ew.

c) Cliché. I am already afraid my apartment looks a little too Pottery Barn-y. If I add a brown wall, I'm only a step away from putting my books in the shelves backwards (you guys know what I mean, right? Why do they do that?????).

I think that in the end, the accent wall is not for me. But a girl can have her design dreams.

But seriously, why do they do that?


el super said...

see i feel like having an apartment look like pottery barn is not a bad thing, because pottery barn has good taste. But there is a fine line between, "my taste happens to match that of the awesomeness of pottery barn" and "i want to copy page 4 of the winter catalogue." So what i'm saying is, get an accent wall because you are not in the latter group you are in the former.

CriCri said...

question oh wise sage: could you possibly write a post about decorating solutions for the student, ie, someone who moves every year and has but one room with which to expess themselves?