Friday, February 23, 2007

Creepy Coincidence

Last week, my boyfriend and I went to his parents' for dinner (side note: I think they may actually like me), and after we said our hellos, I immediately noticed the new addition to their living room. It was The Chair. The Chair haunts my dreams. Apparently, The Chair exists in reality. It's Ethan Allen's Sussex. Funnily enough, I don't really like the chair as it's pictured on the website. Bathe it in yellow damask, however, and (as my friend Cristina says-- I would never actually say this-- except for right now...) I 1-800-LOVE-IT! The boif agreed; his parents had indeed bought the chair I talk about ad naseum. Poor guy, the word "damask" has been forced into his vocabulary. It's the risk you run when you love me, I guess. I wonder how long the damask trend will continue. I really like it, I must say. Not the fussy stuff, but bold graphic prints make me a little happier than a normal person should be made by upholstery.

I am very much in the mood for flowers today. When I lived in Ireland, our farm had flowers everywhere. We had so many different kinds of daffodils it made my head spin. We had huge (and I mean HUGE) red tulips with dark black centers. When they opened all the way, well, one was reminded of Georgia O'Keefe. Little crops of flowers popped up in completely random places (next to the muck pile, for example. By the way, avoid muck whenever possible). We also had a picking garden, which was just awesome. My teeny tiny room was always filled with jars of flowers (jars, because there ain't no such thing as vases on a farm). I meant to stop by my town's farmer's market yesterday, but it was raining and I had to get the stitches out of my mouth (wisdom tooth, ick). I think I will go to the neighborhod florist this afternoon and buy myself some tulips.

Also, and I am a little upset by this, I need to buy a basket. For some reason, I have never been a fan of baskets. Unfortunately, I am a fan of piles. My living room is pretty darn neat right now, except for a pile of magazines next to my couch. And let's be honest: that pile of magazines isn't going anywhere any time soon. Because darn it, I have to keep those home design magazines that I've already read twelve times. Because I am crazy. So World Market, here I come.

Ooh, this just in: I went to the World Market website to find a basket I didn't hate, and apparently, all their rugs are up to 50% off. Nice. They're got a couple I really like. Look in the "natural fibers" section. Also, holy crap. Apparently baskets are expensive. Target, here I come?

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