Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pause for Pop Culture

Yes, you're still reading a decorating blog, but you're also reading my decorating blog, which means you're going to have to hear about American Idol.

FINALLY! I am so glad they're out of the auditions phase. I found those shows offensive, basically. I think it's one thing to show the audition of someone who's kind of a jerk and has an inflated concept of his talent. In the last few years, however, I think Idol has gone a darker, more unethical route. Would you agree that some of the early contestants seemed to be disabled? I'm a teacher, and before I started this job, I worked with kids with special needs. Some of them looked like they were just regular kids. However, after talking to them for a few minutes, one would be able to tell that there was a processing problem or autism or something. I sort of feel that Idol's audition pool was composed of similar people. But, you say, those people chose to audition, right? Yes, that's true. However, it's society's job to take care of people who can't make the best choices on their own. Idol is like the modern sideshow.

And by the way, aren't the girls MUCH better than the guys?

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