Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Times They Are A'Changin'

I've never liked the barrel/drum side table/stool/ottoman thing. I tend to favor straight lines. Lately, though, I've begun to think they're the bee's knees. In their February issue (that of the infamous Zac Posen dress-induced despair), Domino showed where to find a "cheap" version. I will look tonight and post the picture and link of that. I especially like the Gervasoni take on the table; it's made of pressed newspaper. How cool is that?
I have a small space next to my adored $35 gold craigslist armchair that would be perfect for this table (without the black top though...). Pier1 has something similar--the "Handan Stool." I like it, but the color wouldn't work for me, and I'm not crazy about the trim or little dot things. Is there a technical term for little dot things? Crate and Barrel has the "Congo," but it's $379. Ouch. Do any of you have know other sources for similar pieces?

By the way, how do we feel about all this rattan/wicker/natural grass stuff? Pottery Barn's latest catalog featured tons of it--I liked the cover and the picture in my previous post, but wasn't nuts about the rest. And Pier1 has always had a lot, but they're just loaded with it now. By the way, the one chair I do really like, the Dayton, is on sale for $65. You still have to buy the cushion (for around $44), but I find the chair price rather reasonable.

And finally, you know what I find the most exciting thing in the whole world? I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE when I'm looking at a website and they have something that I found a near replica of at Target. It makes me feel like a winner. And perhaps I need to seek another source of validation, but the sense of satisfaction is no less real. Behold: Crate and Barrel's Kingston for $199. I bought almost the identical table at Target. Crate and Barrel: 0; Casey: 1.


Anne said...

I love that table! Go you! I have never been so successful circumventing the Crate & Barrel wants, how is the quality? Did you have to assemble it, and is it wobbly? I love it and totally want it but am skeptical about Target's quality, I have had good and bad experiences.

Casey said...

I am reasonably happy with the table. It was already assembled. My Target has an area between the furniture and frames that often has chairs, side tables, vases, and that sort of thing. Of course, as it's Target furniture, it's not solid wood, and has a fake laminate type thing, but it's tucked in a corner so it's not obvious.

My experience with Target furniture has been pretty positive. My bedside tables are from there, as is an ottoman in my living room. They're nice-looking, but not totally solid. I think Target is a good place to go if you need to fill a space and aren't planning on being too hard on it.

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