Friday, February 23, 2007

Split Personalities

Have you seen the mini-trend of objects having more than one print? I don't know how to articulate it, and I don't even know if I completely like it. I think I do. What do you think about this Amy Butler pillow? Or the rugs from Urban Outfitters?

By the way, Urban Outfitters has the closest thing to the blue lamp I like. Okay, not true. Lots of places have that blue lamp I love. UB has the cheapest one, and it's good enough. Not ceramic, though. Bummer. Not that it matches anything in my apartment. Double bummer. Also, I must say that it's a little embarrassing to not have grown out of my Urban Outfitters phase yet. I just really like some of their stuff. I can't say I actually own anything of theirs, but I still visit the webpage on a regular basis. I am so 15 years old.

Finally, please comment! I'm starting to get a decent number of hits, and would love to get to know my readership. Where are you from? How'd you find me? Have a great weekend, all!


CriCri said...

so i actually really like the mixings of fabrics but i dont' know if it's me. It's kind of like how i feel about wierd artsy lofts. I would most likely not live in one but i like them and when done well it works. i don't know if you are mixed prints though. Hey i'm in la! we should go to cost plus this week after work. you can give me advice for my new house that i am getting next year!

Emily said...

urban outfitters is just anthropologie, cheaper, with more skulls. among other things. also lots of the design bloggers still like it so i wouldn't feel so bad.

Anonymous said...

dont like most of those rugs.
hate the pillow.
like some mixed fabrics though.
hate the blue lamp.
i think that about covers it all.
oh and a little about me: i live a block away from you ;)

Casey said...

And you call me a dork.