Friday, February 23, 2007

Domino Downer

I love Domino Magazine. I really do. I am enchanted by its bright pictures, and inspired by the rooms in its pages. Lately, though, I've been a bit bummed. Because, you see, they want you to think that that room could be yours. But then the lovely wife standing in her lovely room is wearing a Zac Posen dress, and you realize, "Ah crap! I'm poor." When it comes down to it, Domino has very little I can afford. Does anyone know of a magazine like Domino, but for people on a budget? Just wondering.

In other news, I have a confession to make. I really want this Buddha head from CB2. I usually stay away from religious paraphernalia. For one, I think it's semi-disrespectful to use someone else's sacred object as a paperweight or a bookend. I also am not really into the Eastern look (Although, I admit, I covet Jonathan Adler's Chinese Chippendale chairs. But in red. Why don't they have a red one??). Once in a while, though, I will be drawn to some sort of religious statue. Why? Well, in this instance, I just love the color. When these traditional objects are saturated in bright, contemporary colors, I just can't help myself. Ah, juxtaposition, how I love thee. Ah juxtaposition, how I love using thee in dubious ways.


Emily said...

you should see laurel's apartment she just flooded it with buddha stuff she got in asia. she has the best sitting buddha.

anyway have you looked at target global home? they have some fun stuff.

also theoretically blueprint is supposed to be "for those just starting out" but that's like, according to martha stewart, so really. who knows. i always wanted to start a mag like that but no one in my publishing course thought it was a good idea.

Casey said...

I saw Blueprint just the other day. But have you seen how much the Martha Stewart Everyday stuff at KMART costs??! That is enough to make me lose hope...