Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tord Boontje, Thomas Paul and I Will Have Great Times Together

Good news, Thomas Paul: Tord Boontje wants to be our best friend. No, don't worry if you can't say his last name. We'll call him Big T and he'll never know how clueless we are. Won't we have fun?

I'm rather the Johnny come lately when it comes to this guy---I first noticed him when he did his Christmas stuff for Target (cool plates and a nifty garland). I like how he combines bright, modern colors with whimsical nature prints. I also like his Transglass products--vases and glasses made out of recycled bottles. It's just that particular shade of green I love. Man, between Tord and Tom, I am going to have the BEST plate collection ever. They had better get started giving me stuff, though, 'cause the only plates in my family are those Norman Rockwell Christmas things. Great for Grandma, but me? Not so much.

More good news: I finally tracked down those damn white birds I've obsessed about since my boyfriend took me on a charming walk through downtown Claremont (yeah, don't think he's so great---I went to a football game first. (Okay, yeah, he's pretty cool)) and I went into a home store and I saw them and I decided I didn't want them. Anyway, I now remember why I didn't buy one. I just can't make myself pay 24 bucks for a bird. Argh. Anyway, they're at Global Table. Enjoy.


Emily said...

but casey that bird is so cute. and only 24 dollars.

and you know what pisses me off? they had tord boontje wine glasses - sort of cylindrical, with the white birdy pattern deal all over - at target apparently but when i actually went there and went online they didn't have them. adorable wine glasses. they were perfect. anyway. done.

Casey said...

I know which ones you are talking about. The same thing, by the way, happened to me with his plates. And they were even RED. Argh.

Tord will have to stop pulling this crap if he wants to be my best friend.

Anonymous said...

hehe... u said nifty, and you had a parentheses within a parentheses... ur my favorite dork ever :) guess who i am!?

Casey said...

Hello, Melika.